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Black Violin Foundation Inc. (BVF) is a non profit 501 c3 organization dedicated to empowering youth by working with them in their communities to provide access to quality music programs that encourage creativity. Our long term goal is to empower youth to color outside of the lines and push the boundaries of music through innovation.


BVF is an extension of the vision of Kev Marcus & Wil Baptiste. As young musicians during school they would study classical compositions, but after school they would play Tupac, Wu-tang and whatever else was hot at the time. It is the blending of genres fused with their classical training that gives Black Violin their unique sound.  Our mission at BVF is to help up and coming musicians foster creativity in order to make music in a way it's never been made before. 

BVF is co-directed by Anne Sylvester wife of Kev Marcus and Corryn Freeman wife of Wil Baptiste. 

Black Violin posing with their wives Fou

Kevin Sylvester, Anne Sylvester (Foundation President), Corryn Freeman (Foundation Vice President), Wil Baptiste


Invest in promising young musicians

The Black Violin Foundations inaugural program will provide scholarships of up to $2,500  to youth ages 13 - 20 years old who would like to continue their musical education through a program of their liking that fosters musical creativity and innovation. Programs can range from private lessons, to summer music camps, to college courses. Proof of program legitimacy must be provided during the application process.


Scholarships will be awarded bi-annualy to up to  20 applicants per scholarship cycle. Recipients will be required to submit a follow up report on their musical progress after having received their scholarship and entering their music program. Black Violin will also connect personally with scholarship recipients to provide encouragement and support. 


The work of Black Violin Foundation Inc. would not be made possible without the help of our generous donors and collaborators. 

Notable Donors

  • Youth Friends Association

  • Wendy Eder & The Denver Community Foundation

  • Anna Shinoda

  • Sonja White

  • Jerrod Wilkins

  • Janet & James Miles

  • Dr. Lee Mandel

  • The Bochak Family Children's Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward

  • Fidelity Charitable Fund

  • The Community Foundation of Broward

Our Partners & Collaborators

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